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Check Processing Lightning Fast

There once was a time when you could write a check without enough funds in your account and still know that you'll be O.K. because you knew you would have the money in there before the check clears. Back in college I mastered it. I without a doubt could float a check to cover my student bills. Unfortunately or fortunately however you want to look at it, this is not the case anymore or doesn't look like it will be for the future.

Merchants now have the ability to scan your personal checks electronically and send it over to your bank for almost immediate processing. It's not as fast as a debit transaction but probably will be processed and cleared by the next business day.  I can just about hear all the college students take a collective gasp of air. It's OK… let it out. It's most important that you are aware of this so that you don't get penalized by your bank if you bounce the check due to insufficient funds.

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